5 Things to Consider When Your Child with Depression Needs an IEP

Navigating the education system when your child has special needs associated with depression can be…

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How Joining Clubs Helps Improve Teen Mental Health

It can be difficult for teens who struggle with mental health to enjoy school. Assignments…

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Setting Your Young Adult Up for Success: Advice for Caregivers of a College Student with Depression

Ah, college! The excitement of new friends and experiences, a nip in the air, a…

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College Application Stress Mom and Daughter Brainstorming

How to Help Teens Cope with College Application Stress

The summer and fall of a teen’s senior year of high school can be an…

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Bipolar Depression_Woman in Two Mood States

Bipolar Depression: Understanding Your Loved One’s Experience

In recent years, commercials for prescription medications for “bipolar depression” have run all day and…

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Michaela and Jenn Facing Away from Camera Depression in College

Michaela and Jenn’s Story: Tips for Managing Depression in College

Going off to college can be both challenging and exciting, but it can also be…

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Indigenous Identity Man Looking Off Camera

Honoring Indigenous Identity: Providing Holistic Care

Brianna Jacobs, LCMHC, is one of the 55,000 members of the Lumbee Tribe of North…

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Alex Jordan College Survival Guide

Alex’s Declassified College Survival Guide

Creating a Personal College Survival Guide College can be the happiest years of your life…

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Indigenous Care Blog_Native American Woman Smiling

Making Indigenous Care More Accessible

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. In tribute to this inspiring initiative, we…

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Happy Pride Month! Mental Health Resources for LGBTQIA+ People

Pride month is a time for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies to come together in…

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Care Coaching Service

Is your family member in a psychiatric hospital or out of the home attending a…

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Two people arm in arm facing an open field, boundaries poem

Boundaries: A poem

This poem about boundaries is referenced in our webinar, Setting Boundaries for Healthy Relationships and…

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