Help Yourself

I’m worried about my own mental health.

Has your mood or behavior begun to worry you?

You may have noticed that you are more sad, tired, frustrated, or achy than usual. Or perhaps your behavior has been erratic. If you or others around you think you may be experiencing depression or another mental health condition, it’s time to talk to a clinician.

A proper diagnosis is the first step.

A mental health assessment may reveal that you have a mood disorder, another medical condition, or a co-occurring disorder. To get well, you need to be treated for the right condition. You can start by taking our Depression and Bipolar Test, printing the results, and taking them to your primary care provider or a mental health professional.

You are not alone.

If you are diagnosed with a mood disorder, you don’t have to go through treatment alone. Lean on family, friends, or an extended support network to help you get better. Share our website with your support team so they can get the education they need to be a good ally in care.


Don has had depression since childhood. It impacts his thinking.


Josette spent years feeling like she had to mask her depression.


Doug has treatment-resistant depression. He's tried everything to get well.