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Stigma is a false, unfair, or shameful belief about something. This belief can be held by an individual or a group about others, and, in the case of mental health conditions, it is frequently a belief a person can have about themselves.

Stigma stands in the way of people seeking help. Mood disorders can go undiagnosed because individuals are concerned about the opinions of others and the potential for negative repercussions in the workplace. The very term "mental illness" is one that causes prejudice, ridicule, and discrimination.

Educating people about mood disorders - particularly that depression and bipolar disorder are treatable medical conditions - corrects misconceptions and dispels stigma. Ultimately, educating the public about mood disorders and treatment leads to understanding and more people seeking help. With proper treatment, people living with depression or bipolar disorder can lead fulfilling lives.

Our Strides Against Stigma® event raises awareness about the stigma of mental health conditions.


Family shunned Steve when he discussed his depression. He overcame it.

Richard and Adam

Adam helps brother, Richard, by accepting him and his bipolar disorder.

David and Robin

David Guterson developed depression after 9/11. Wife Robin felt alone.