Support for Caregivers

Videos, actions plans, and fact sheets

Take advantage of these resources

Family caregivers are often most likely the ones to notice changes in their loved one’s mood and behavior, highly motivated to do something to help them, and frequently best positioned to marshal the resources needed to get them on the path to mental wellness.

Caregivers are most effective when they have information, confidence, and compassion. Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) provides an array of resources, such as how-to videos, a family action plan template, and downloadable fact sheets.

Just as important is taking care of yourself. We encourage caregivers to practice prioritizing their own needs, so they retain their physical, emotional, and mental abilities. Doing so reduces the chance they will develop mental health issues themselves.

Work with PCPs

Learn how to work with primary care providers to address depression.

Make an action plan

Download and complete our family action plan template when things get hard.

Use self-care

Read 12 self-care tips caregivers can use to nuturing your bodies.