Legacy of Resilience: A Family’s Experience with Mental Health

Date Posted

April 17, 2024


FFDA Staff


Kerrie and Brooke sitting together and smiling, resilience story feature photograph

This emotional story explores the complex interplay between family history and mental health. Through the personal experiences of Kerrie and her daughter Brooke, we delve into the reality of living with and overcoming mental health struggles. Both have faced their battles with substance use, Kerrie with depression and Brooke with anxiety. However, the heart of their story lies not in their struggles but in their resilience. The message they wish to share: Your family history does not define your future.

Kerrie: Depression and Substance Use

Kerrie has experienced bouts of substance use and depression. The impact of these two intertwined issues greatly affected her life. Kerrie has shown remarkable resilience and a determination to overcome her challenges. Inspired by her daughter’s resilience, she chose to embrace treatment and get help for her symptoms.

Brooke: Anxiety and Substance Use

Brooke, like her mother, has faced her own set of challenges. Struggling with anxiety and substance use, she has had to navigate a path that is all too familiar within her family. As she looks back on her recovery, she knows her mother did her best to support her. Kerrie was quick to offer treatment, but in hindsight, Brooke wishes treatment was a choice and not forced on her. 

Nonetheless, Brooke’s story is not simply a continuation of her family’s history. It is a testament to her resilience and her determination to break the cycle, a beacon of hope for others facing similar struggles. 

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Despite their individual and shared experiences with mental health and substance use, Kerrie and Brooke’s story is not defined by these struggles. Instead, it is a narrative of resilience, of a mother and daughter facing adversity and choosing to fight, to heal, and to grow. The family bond is something they treasure and work to maintain. Their loud and clear message is that our family history is not written in stone. We have the power to write our own story.