Indigenous Care Blog_Native American Woman Smiling

Making Indigenous Care More Accessible

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. In tribute to this inspiring initiative, we…

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Happy Pride Month! Mental Health Resources for LGBTQIA+ People

Pride month is a time for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies to come together in…

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Care Coaching Service

Is your family member in a psychiatric hospital or out of the home attending a…

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Two people arm in arm facing an open field, boundaries poem

Boundaries: A poem

This poem about boundaries is referenced in our webinar, Setting Boundaries for Healthy Relationships and…

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Caregivers Feeling the Squeeze of “Sandwich Caregiving”

When Kate’s* mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, her three children were still in elementary…

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Parents of teens_ African American Mother and Daughter Drinking Water

Five Self-Care Ideas for Parents of Teens

Being a parent is hard work. The same can be said for being a teenager….

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Treating Depression in Women

Psychiatrist Sharon Batista, MD, has spent her career treating depression in women. She utilizes evidence-based…

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Simple Snack and Meal Man and Woman Cooking

Simple Snack and Meal Ideas When Depressed

This is a sample listing of simple snack and meal ideas you can share with…

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Meal Tips Blog Cooking on Stove Top

Meal Tips For When Depression Decreases Appetite

When depression hits, our eating patterns often get disrupted. A common symptom of depression is…

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The Gender Gap: Women and Depression Resources

There is evidence of a gender gap when looking at women and depression. If you…

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Asian Woman and Man Discussing Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries for Caregivers

Clear boundaries, and mutual respect for these boundaries, are essential elements of any relationship. But…

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Two Friends Sitting Outside Discussing Mental Health Stigma

10 Ways to Take Strides Against Mental Health Stigma

Mental health stigma continues to be a significant problem today despite the progress we’ve made…

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