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Breaking Through Depression: 4 Tips for Strengthening Communication with Your Teen

Adolescence is often a confusing time for both our young people and their caregivers. It…

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Is it Time to Find a New Therapist for Your Teenager? Five Questions to Answer

Mental health counseling is a crucial part of treating mood disorders, so a therapist-client relationship…

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Families Together on the Path to Mental Wellness

A 20th Anniversary Campaign Let’s Walk Along the Path to Mental Wellness Together Starting Place…

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5 Ways to Get Your Teen to Open Up About Their Mental Health

Mary Fristad, Ph.D., ABPP Many parents find it challenging to get their kids to talk…

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Stages of Change

As humans, making a change doesn’t happen all at once. We all move through several…

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Depression Signs and Symptoms

Family caregivers are often the first to notice that their loved one isn’t behaving the…

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FamilyAwareTeens Instagram Links

Learn how teens and young adults can get involved! How to Talk to Your Parents…

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Jessie and Steve—Healing as a Family from Pain and Teen Self-Injury

Jessie, 18, has big goals. She’s spending her time working at a local gym, volunteering…

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Questions About Teen Depression

Do you have questions about teen depression? Elizabeth and Danielle, a mother and daughter from…

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Ways You Can Encourage and Support Teen Wellness

What can you do to help a teen who has depression? During our Spring 2018…

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How to Support Foster Care Teenagers and Young Adults Who Have Depression

By Nicola Smith, October 3, 2017 Youth in foster care have often experienced traumatic family…

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Michael and Family

By the middle of his junior year Michael was finding it nearly impossible to get…

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