Family Caregiver Advisory Panel

Date Posted

February 4, 2020


FFDA Staff


Families for Depression Awareness’ Family Caregiver Advisory Panel is made up of volunteer members who share their personal experiences of supporting a loved one living with depression or bipolar disorder with others. The Family Caregiver Advisory Panel serves as a sounding board for FFDA leadership on issues of programmatic direction, caregiver advocacy, and the general needs of family caregivers.

Panel members will be asked to participate in regular phone or videoconference calls and will be offered the opportunity to provide direct feedback to FFDA’s corporate partners through surveys, phone calls, and/or focus groups. Occasionally, members of the Advisory Panel may be invited to represent FFDA in connection with media opportunities.

Through your participation, you will:

  • share insights with other caregivers
  • make an impact on mental health education and suicide prevention
  • influence the messaging around mental health and families nationwide.


  • Must believe strongly in the mission of FFDA, that family caregivers have essential roles supporting their loved ones living with depression or bipolar disorder in getting well and preventing suicides
  • Must have experience supporting a person with a mood disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia)
  • Must be available for at least 3 phone/videoconference meetings a year
  • Must be comfortable speaking to others in a small group
  • Must be willing to share insights from personal experience with FFDA staff, fellow panel members, and corporate partners

Time commitment

Approximately 10-15 hours annually, depending on how many opportunities to participate are accepted.


The Family Caregiver Advisory Panel is made up of volunteer members. Although no formal compensation is offered, panel members will receive a small honorarium for participating in events or meetings.

Questions? Email Valerie Cordero.