Learn Practical Tips and Essential Information about Medical Debt and Surprise Billing from Two Videos

Date Posted

January 22, 2020


Picture this. Your loved one has experienced a mental health emergency. After a terrifying ride in the ambulance and subsequent hospital stay, your loved one comes home. A month or two later, the bills come and services that you thought were covered were not. If you have gotten “surprise” bills, found yourself in medical debt, or just want to learn more, we invite you to watch our 2-part video series.

In Part 1, we cover
• Why you may get “surprise” bills after ER, ambulance, and other medical
• Social shame around medical debt
• Why medical debt should be treated differently than other kinds of debt
• Tips for avoiding medical debt
• Why you should avoid using credit cards to settle medical debt
• What you should do if you get a “surprise” bill.

[et_pb_video admin_label=”Part 1 video” src=”https://youtu.be/a5pBJP1JVek”]

Part One (15:59)

In Part 2, we cover
• Non-profit hospitals and financial assistance policies
• Sticker price vs. actual costs of medical services
• Legal protections for patients and families
• Collection agencies and “zombie” debt
• The importance of a support network
• Final takeaways.

[et_pb_video admin_label=”Part 2 Video” src=”https://youtu.be/y1Trfi7wd7I”]

Part Two (12:20)

Special thanks to Jessica Curtis and Quynh Chi Nguyen from Community Catalyst for their participation.