Helping Caregivers

Getting the support you need

The role of a caregiver can include providing emotional support to your loved one, helping with the tasks of daily living, arranging doctor’s appointments, monitoring symptoms, and liaising with family and physicians. It’s important to remember that caregivers need support, too. These webinars will add to your resources and strategies for maintaining your own mental health.

Providing Support When You Need Support: Caregiving While Depressed

One thing about depression and families: we don’t always have depressive episodes one person at a time. For caregivers, this means that we need to be able to take care of others even as we deal with our own depression. It can be done – and Families for Depression Awareness has strategies and examples to share!

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Building Your Family Caregiver Toolkit: Strategies for Supporting Loved Ones to Get Well

For Caregivers, Family Members, Friends, and Caring Adults Interested in Learning About Being an Effective Caregiver.

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Isn’t that Covered? What Families Need to Know About Mental Health and Insurance

For Family Caregivers and Family Members Interested in Paying for Treatment

Original air date: 10/23/2019

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