Upjourney offers articles, courses, and books about how to improve your life, including content on how to be assertive, better your interpersonal skills, and build a personal support system. Today, the site posted an article featuring experts discussing the benefits of being in a relationship. The article featured a contribution from FFDA Co-Executive Director, Valerie Cordero, which is excerpted below.

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Valerie Cordero


Co-Executive Director, Families for Depression Awareness

When you are in a loving, long-term relationship, your partner usually knows you better than anyone else. They know when you’re feeling good and when you’re feeling low–sometimes just by the way you walk or the tone of your voice. If you had a horrible day at work, they can be a sounding board, offer support, and help you decompress. That companionship and intimacy are priceless.

A great benefit of being in a relationship is having another person help you stay on track with your wellness. If your spouse or partner sees that something is wrong, especially with regards to your mental health, they can step in and encourage you to see a professional. Your loved one knows when you aren’t acting like yourself. They know that it isn’t normal for you to blow off a girls’ trip or for you to become forgetful and disorganized.

So often, people who struggle with depression or bipolar disorder aren’t able to fully recognize when their mental health has seriously declined. A loving partner will not only recognize this, but they will also be the one to say, “I’m here for you and I want to help.

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