More Than Mood: Depression Symptoms Webinar

More Than Mood Depression Symptoms Webinar

This 52-minute webinar goes in depth into familiar depression symptoms, depression symptoms related to thinking (cognition), how you may recognize cognitive impairment in a loved one, and helpful techniques to use to support someone struggling with cognitive impairment.


Alice Medalia, PhD

Dr. Medalia is the Clinical Director of Cognitive Health Services at the New York State Office of Mental Health and a Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center. She also provides clinic leadership to the Lieber Recovery Clinic in New York.

Susan-Weinstein headshot

Susan Weinstein, JD

Susan Weinstein, J.D., serves as Co-Executive Director of Famxilies for Depression Awareness and Editor in Chief of Care for Your Mind, a mental health advocacy blog. She has been with the FFDA since 2012.