From My Experience: Youth Discuss Living Through a Mental Health Crisis

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022, from 7:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET


The teen years can be challenging. When pressures from school, peers, work, family, and society build, it can be hard to know how to let off steam. Bingeing Netflix and sleeping through tough days might feel helpful at the moment, but that doesn’t address the underlying stressors. Too often, teens feel alone, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and without hope. Sometimes this can lead to a mental health crisis situation. What happens then?

Our young adult panelists want teens to know they are not alone and adults to know they have an important role to play in a crisis situation. Hear first-hand their experiences with mental health challenges and learn about available crisis resources. After the panel discussion, participants who join live on Zoom* will have the opportunity to connect with other teens and caring adults in breakout rooms.

*Space is limited to join the Zoom breakout room session. The educational portion of the program will stream live on Facebook and be available as a recording.

This program is intended for caregivers, family members, teens, young adults, and caring adults interested in learning about teen mental health and responding to crisis situations.



Courtney Canale, Moderator

Courtney Canale, BS, has been a Teen Speaker with Families for Depression Awareness since 2013 and previously worked as an intern and staff member . Courtney lives with bipolar disorder. Her experiences have made her passionate about raising awareness around mental health conditions and eliminating the stigma associated with getting help. She graduated from Canton High School and earned her BS in Psychology from Bridgewater State University. Today, Courtney is excited to be starting a family of her own with her loving husband, Dennis, and her Siamese cat, Jules.