Bipolar Disorder: Beyond the Basics

Bipolar Disorder Beyond The Basics

All too often bipolar disorder creates difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. Family caregivers need practical answers for dealing with these problems. This webinar builds on our basic bipolar disorder webinar, which covers diagnosis, treatment, and managing bipolar disorder. In this new webinar, we drill down to concrete solutions to challenges of providing appropriate support to a person with bipolar disorder.


Martha C. Tompson, Ph.D

Martha C. Tompson, Ph.D. is Director of the Family Development and Treatment Laboratory and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, and educator. Her research and clinical work has focused on understanding how families cope with mental illness and developing and testing treatments to enhance family coping and improve the lives of individuals with depression and bipolar disorder and their families. She has received National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funding for her research and has published over 60 articles and book chapters. She has a private practice in Boston, MA.

Dr. Pata Suyemoto

Dr. Pata Suyemoto is a Massachusetts-based mental health activist and educator. Pata is a member of a number of boards and committees including the planning committee for the annual Asian American Mental Health Forum, the Department of Public Health’s Suicide Prevention Community Advisory Board, and Families for Depression Awareness’ ‘Healing Families’ Advisory Council. Mood disorders are present in both of her parents’ families, and she lives with treatment-resistant depression. Pata has spoken and written about her struggles with depression and is a co-founder of The Breaking Silences Project

Susan-Weinstein headshot

Susan Weinstein, JD

Susan Weinstein, J.D., serves as Co-Executive Director of Families for Depression Awareness and Editor in Chief of Care for Your Mind, a mental health advocacy blog. She has been with the FFDA since 2012.