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Using Technology in Treatment

Thanks to recent advances, people living with mood or behavioral disorders have access to treatment…

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Dealing With Suicide Grief

Learning to Process Suicide Grief This post is about a difficult topic: suicide grief. Shana…

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Xavier and Cory — Depression in the Family

Xavier and Cory know the crippling pain of losing a child to suicide. Both have…

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Coping with Stress and Depression Through Faith and Family Support

By Lisa Gilliam, September 12, 2017 Job stress led me to a point in my…

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Chris and Jill

Chris, 45, dysthymia, and wife, Jill

A rough start in life Growing up, Chris saw substance abuse and mood disorders on…

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Cassandra with her mother

Cassandra was in the seventh grade when she first experienced major depression. “I was in…

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Questions for the Clinician

Questions for the Clinician A good way to partner in treatment and provide emotional support…

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