Ditch the Social Media, Teen Summer Activities for Mental Health Wellness

  Summer is here! For many teens, the unstructured days of summer break often mean…

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Pride flags waved by people.

What You Can Do to Support LGBTQ+ Youth at Risk of Depression and Suicide

Last week, Families for Depression Awareness broadcast our Teen Depression Webinar, now available to watch…

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Mother and daughter drinking water.

Resources for addressing 13 Reasons Why

Netflix recently released a controversial television series. Based on Jay Asher’s #1 New York Times…

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Ashley with mom, Lucy

In 8th grade, Ashley appeared to have it all: she was a popular, a straight-A…

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Cassandra with her mother

Cassandra was in the seventh grade when she first experienced major depression. “I was in…

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Susan and Gary

When Susan’s son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age nine, she wasn’t panicked or…

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Zack and Nancy

Less than a year ago, while away at college, Zack had his first major manic…

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Michael and Family

By the middle of his junior year Michael was finding it nearly impossible to get…

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Barbara with son, Michael

Barbara is on a mission of hope. After losing her eighteen year old son Michael…

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