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Erin Walczykowski, Involving Family Caregivers in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

As part of our Overcoming Challenges of Bipolar Disorder educational series, we interviewed Erin Walczykowski,…

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Families Together on the Path to Mental Wellness

A 20th Anniversary Campaign Let’s Walk Along the Path to Mental Wellness Together Starting Place…

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Advice for Getting Through a Manic Episode: Natalie’s Story

This article features personal advice from a Families for Depression Awareness volunteer’s lived experience. To…

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Wife Holding Her Face While Sitting with Husband and Mental Health Provider

Stages of Change

As humans, making a change doesn’t happen all at once. We all move through several…

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Tips for Caregivers: So, it’s not the right therapist. Now what?

By Arielle Cohen, Programs Manager In recent articles, Families for Depression Awareness addressed the initial…

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Making An Action Plan

Caring for a family member with a mood disorder can be a challenging and often…

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Bipolar Myths

There are a great many untrue stereotypes about bipolar disorder and the people living with…

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How Families Can Support Their Loved Ones Living With Bipolar Disorder

By Dawna Roberts, December 22, 2017 As a caregiver, being around someone who lives with…

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What Families Need to Know About Mixed States in Adult Bipolar Disorder

For most adults with bipolar disorder, their mood alternates over time between manic (elevated) and…

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Nell Casey

Nell Casey, editor of Unholy Ghost, was only 16 years old when her sister Maud…

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Bill, Nancy, and Ally

From the time Ally was nine months old, her parents Bill and Nancy knew that…

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When Your Help is Refused

When Your Help is Refused Often when you try to help someone who has a…

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