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New Videos Available on Accessing and Utilizing the More Than Mood Depression Symptoms Toolkit

In PART ONE, we talk with Dr. Ron Manderscheid, Executive Director of the National Association…

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Questions About Teen Depression

Do you have questions about teen depression? Elizabeth and Danielle, a mother and daughter from…

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Ways You Can Encourage and Support Teen Wellness

What can you do to help a teen who has depression? During our Spring 2018…

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How Families Can Support Their Loved Ones Living With Bipolar Disorder

By Dawna Roberts, December 22, 2017 As a caregiver, being around someone who lives with…

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Kathy and Dean— Depression At Any Age Can Be More Than Mood

According to her husband Dean, Kathy was always a tremendously happy person, outgoing and loving…

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What Families Need to Know About Mixed States in Adult Bipolar Disorder

For most adults with bipolar disorder, their mood alternates over time between manic (elevated) and…

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8 Self-Discovery Wellness Activities for the Whole Family

By Amy Williams, October 11, 2017 As adults, many of us strive to gain insight…

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How to Support Foster Care Teenagers and Young Adults Who Have Depression

By Nicola Smith, October 3, 2017 Youth in foster care have often experienced traumatic family…

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Xavier and Cory — Depression in the Family

Xavier and Cory know the crippling pain of losing a child to suicide. Both have…

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Ditch the Social Media, Teen Summer Activities for Mental Health Wellness

  Summer is here! For many teens, the unstructured days of summer break often mean…

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What You Can Do to Support LGBTQ+ Youth at Risk of Depression and Suicide

Last week, Families for Depression Awareness broadcasted our Teen Depression Webinar, now available to watch…

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Resources for addressing 13 Reasons Why

Netflix recently released a controversial television series. Based on Jay Asher’s #1 New York Times…

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