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Erin Walczykowski, Involving Family Caregivers in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

As part of our Overcoming Challenges of Bipolar Disorder educational series, we interviewed Erin Walczykowski,…

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Advice for Getting Through a Manic Episode: Natalie’s Story

This article features personal advice from a Families for Depression Awareness volunteer’s lived experience. To…

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Tips for Caregivers: So, it’s not the right therapist. Now what?

By Arielle Cohen, Programs Manager In recent articles, Families for Depression Awareness addressed the initial…

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Bipolar Myths

There are a great many untrue stereotypes about bipolar disorder and the people living with…

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Self-discovery — From Mental Health Diagnosis to Maintaining Wellness

By Kurt Morris, July 28, 2017 When I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder in…

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Renee with husband, Gary

Renee’s family was the first to recognize she wasn’t acting like herself. “I was isolating…

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Nell Casey

Nell Casey, editor of Unholy Ghost, was only 16 years old when her sister Maud…

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Zack and Nancy

Less than a year ago, while away at college, Zack had his first major manic…

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Missy, Bill, and Katherine

Although Missy struggled with bouts of depression since childhood, she resisted taking medication. She finally…

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Mary Margaret and friend, Gary

In 1994, Mary Margaret was working long hours for an international consulting firm. She also…

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Looking back Rebecca, 41, thinks that the “personality quirks” she saw in her husband when…

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Joan and Dennis

Depression can place a huge strain on close relationships. Yet, Dennis and Joan’s struggles with…

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