Breaking Through Depression: 4 Tips for Strengthening Communication with Your Teen

Adolescence is often a confusing time for both our young people and their caregivers. It…

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How Parents Can Support Teens Who Are Coming Out

This article mentions suicide risk. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, immediately…

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4 Pieces of Advice for Parents of Suicidal Teens

Child psychiatrists Nancy Rappaport, MD, and Meredith Gansner, MD, recently co-authored an article entitled “More…

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Photo of parent and teen child

How to Talk to Your Parents About Your Mental Health

A Post for Teens and Young Adults Talking to your parents or any adult about…

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Let’s Talk About Loneliness and Young Adult Mental Health

Loneliness has received a lot of press over the past few years. A 2018 study…

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Woman tensley biting a pencil.

Teaching Teens (and yourself) Strategies for Coping with Stress

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced stress. If you don’t have your hand raised,…

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Helping Your Teen Manage Mass Media Messaging About Mental Health

Our relationship with mass media is complex. We want to see our experience reflected and…

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A Mother and Daughter Answer Your Burning Questions about Teen Depression

Danielle (left) and Elizabeth (right) Elizabeth and Danielle, a mother and daughter from Florida, were…

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Ways You Can Encourage and Support Teen Wellness

What can you do to help a teen who has depression? During our Spring 2018…

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Candles lit in memorial.

Shana’s Story— Learning to Process Emotions After the Ultimate Loss

Owen Shana lost her son, Owen, to suicide two weeks after his fifteenth birthday. Owen…

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6 Ways to Cope with School Stress for You and Your Child or Teen

By Nicola Smith, October 26, 2017 Now that the rush of back to school season…

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How to Support Foster Care Teenagers and Young Adults Who Have Depression

By Nicola Smith, October 3, 2017 Youth in foster care have often experienced traumatic family…

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