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Help Us Battle the Stigma of Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Since 2001, Families for Depression Awareness has been facing the stigma of mood disorders head on.

Why is it important to take on the stigma of depression and bipolar disorder? The social stigma of mental health conditions inhibits people from talking about mental health concerns and from seeking help to deal with mood disorders. Stigma contributes to unnecessary suffering, isolation, and suicide.

FFDA Teen Speakers Event

How does FFDA combat the social stigma of mood disorders?

  • Through storytelling: families and individuals share their stories of living with depression and bipolar disorder to put a face on mood disorders and inspire others to have hope and seek help.
  • Through education: we teach people about recognizing and addressing depression and bipolar disorder, giving them strategies and language to overcome stigma-based barriers.
  • Through social media: our Facebook and Twitter accounts provide practical information and inspirational messages that fight stigma and dispel misconceptions about mood disorders.
  • Through the next generation: our volunteer teens and young adults in Massachusetts speak at schools, community organizations, and conferences to reduce stigma and inspire their peers to seek help, and teens and young adults nationwide participate in our volunteer-led Instagram account to foster connections among those affected by depression or bipolar disorder to overcome isolation and stigma.
  • Through Care for Your Mind: our advocacy blog regularly addresses barriers to care including stigma, particularly stigma’s impact in different communities and cultures.
  • Through media appearances: News outlets and print media interview FFDA staff and volunteers to educate the public about mood disorders and how people can get help.
  • Through events: our Strides Against StigmaTM events bring together people affected by depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide loss, raising awareness of mood disorders and the sometimes deadly impact of stigma.

How can you help battle stigma?

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