Strides Against Stigma

Date Posted

March 15, 2012


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Since 2001, Families for Depression Awareness has been facing the stigma of mood disorders head on!

Stigma is a false, unfair, or shameful belief about something. This belief can be held by an individual or a group about others. In the case of mental health conditions, it is too often a belief that people have about themselves.

The stigma of mental health conditions inhibits people from talking about mental health concerns. Seeking care may matter less to someone than the opinions of others and the potential for negative repercussions in the workplace or their social circles. This means they might miss out on opportunities for timely diagnosis and treatment. Stigma contributes to unnecessary suffering, isolation, and suicide.


FFDA’s Education Takes Strides Against Stigma

Educating people about mood disorders – particularly that depression and bipolar disorder are treatable medical conditions – corrects misconceptions and dispels stigma. FFDA’s family stories of lived experience, expert interviews, webinars, brochures, and general educational content lead to more people seeking help. With proper treatment, people living with depression or bipolar disorder can lead fulfilling lives.

The Families for Depression Awareness Strides Against Stigma™ charitable fundraising campaign supports awareness and education about mood disorders.