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6 Ways to Cope with School Stress for You and Your Child or Teen

By Nicola Smith, October 26, 2017 Now that the rush of back to school season…

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Volunteer Spotlight: College Athletes “Knockout Depression” on Campus

How do you address mental illness among college athletes? Devan and a group of athletes…

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8 Self-Discovery Wellness Activities for the Whole Family

By Amy Williams, October 11, 2017 As adults, many of us strive to gain insight…

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How to Support Foster Care Teenagers and Young Adults Who Have Depression

By Nicola Smith, October 3, 2017 Youth in foster care have often experienced traumatic family…

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Xavier and Cory — Depression in the Family

Xavier and Cory know the crippling pain of losing a child to suicide. Both have…

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Hope — From Mental Health Diagnosis to Maintaining Wellness

As you read Kurt’s story, consider what activities give your family hope. Has goal setting…

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Partnering with NextGoodThing— a New Voice in Mental Health Education

At Families for Depression Awareness, we are always looking for opportunities to bring family caregivers…

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Coping with Stress and Depression Through Faith and Family Support

By Lisa Gilliam, September 12, 2017 Job stress led me to a point in my…

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Self-discovery — From Mental Health Diagnosis to Maintaining Wellness

By Kurt Morris, July 28, 2017 When I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder in…

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Continuing the Conversation About Minority Mental Health in the Month of July

We recognize July as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (also known…

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Ditch the Social Media, Teen Summer Activities for Mental Health Wellness

  Summer is here! For many teens, the unstructured days of summer break often mean…

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What You Can Do to Support LGBTQ+ Youth at Risk of Depression and Suicide

Last week, Families for Depression Awareness broadcast our Teen Depression Webinar, now available to watch…

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