Supporting a Loved One Living with Bipolar Disorder

Does someone you care about have bipolar disorder? Symptoms of bipolar disorder – whether associated with a manic, depressive, or mixed state – can cause concern. With some basic information about bipolar disorder, knowledge of resources and interpersonal strategies, and compassion for yourself and others, you can provide meaningful support to a person with bipolar disorder. Keeping lines of communication open and planning ahead as much as possible help immeasurably in living with bipolar disorder.

Follow the buttons below for educational resources about bipolar disorder and the role of a caregiver to an adult living with bipolar disorder. We hope they help you and your family work together toward wellness.


Learn about bipolar disorder and strategies for caregivers.

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Myths and truths

Information to dispel common myths about bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar Disorder
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Tips for staying well

Suggestions for maintaining wellness for the person with bipolar and the caregiver.

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