Overcoming Challenges of Bipolar Disorder: Resources

Date Posted

July 28, 2022


FFDA Staff

Man comforting sad woman on a couch

People living with bipolar disorder can experience mood swings, mania, depression, and impulsivity. Caregivers may find it hard to support their loved ones through their worst days. We are exploring how to overcome challenges associated with supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder. There are resources available.

Besides Mood, What Are the Challenges?

An August 2021 survey conducted by Alkermes in partnership with The Harris Poll found that

  • 81% of people living with Bipolar I Disorder who responded to the poll felt no one understands what they are going through
  • 51% said their bipolar disorder made them feel less productive at work or school
  • 54% had tried 5 or more medications to manage their mental health condition.

Caregivers should be aware that their loved one may feel alone and misunderstood most of the time. That can be an isolating feeling. They also struggle to find the right treatment. Once they find treatment, they may have to live with side effects such as weight gain, sleepiness, or anxiety.

Overcoming Challenges

When facing challenges, caregivers should begin with compassion for their loved one and themselves. The path toward wellness will be long and difficult, so everyone involved should have support. Here are other ideas:

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