Partnering with NextGoodThing— a New Voice in Mental Health Education

Date Posted

September 13, 2017



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At Families for Depression Awareness, we are always looking for opportunities to bring family caregivers fresh, new voices in mental health advocacy and education. We are excited to partner with Jill, who created the YouTube Channel “NextGoodThing,” to help bring her message to our audience.

During her adolescence and early adulthood, Jill was constantly keeping busy. She was active in high school, successful in college, and enjoyed the structure that the school environment provided. However, once she graduated from college, she noticed that her energy began to shift. Without the dependability of a rigid schedule, Jill started experiencing anxiety and symptoms of depression. She knew something wasn’t right when she just couldn’t muster the energy to accomplish simple daily tasks.

Jill’s cousin could relate to her feelings of anxiety and depression, which made Jill feel supported and understood. When Jill explained that she wanted to go the gym, but her depression wouldn’t let her leave her bed, her cousin suggested: “Try doing the next good thing; just start by putting on your shoes.”

That advice may seem simple, but it meant the world to Jill. She realized that breaking down a seemingly simple goal into even smaller steps made all the difference. Slowly, she started regaining her energy and the symptoms of her anxiety and depression felt more manageable. She put on her shoes, which led her to put on her gym clothes, and eventually she found herself at the gym.

Jill decided to use what she learned to help others. She started a YouTube channel called NextGoodThing. The channel uses humor and compassion to inspire and encourage others who may be struggling to meet their goals. Jill acts out real-world scenarios and breaks them down into smaller steps, showing viewers that they can meet their goals too.

See the links below to watch the video Jill created, in collaboration with Families for Depression Awareness, that shows the steps you or your loved one can take to get help for mental health issues.