Interning with Families for Depression Awareness: Elaina Pevide

Date Posted

February 4, 2019



Elaina Pevide, Programs Intern

My discovery of Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) happened by chance. I stumbled across the organization while looking at Google Maps. I am an undergraduate student at Brandeis University, which is not far from FFDA’s office. I was intrigued upon seeing the organization’s name pop up on the map.

I was surprised at the proximity of an organization with such an outstanding mission­, a mission that was very close to my heart. As the child of a parent with bipolar disorder, I know firsthand that mental health does not only affect the individual, but instead the whole family. I grew up understanding the importance of family in helping support a loved one with bipolar disorder or depression. Because of my personal connection to FFDA’s mission, I was eager to get involved. After a lovely interview process, I began my internship in June of 2018.

Although the main focus of my internship was on social media, I quickly learned that the staff at FFDA were truly invested in giving me a positive and well-rounded experience. The staff were friendly and welcoming, each taking the time to get to know me and going the extra mile to ensure that I had a meaningful experience. I was invited to sit in on meetings to help develop some of FFDA’s amazing resources and got a behind-the-scenes look at the planning of our annual fundraiser. I attended weekly staff meetings and acquired a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of a nonprofit organization. The staff encouraged me to ask questions, teaching me countless tips and skills beyond the scope of my internship description. My personal and professional growth was considered during every step of my internship.

Families for Depression Awareness has been considerate and flexible since my very first days at the organization. As a student with a busy and frequently unpredictable schedule, I was relieved by the staff’s understanding of me as an entire person, not just an intern. Together, we adapted my summer internship so that I could continue working with FFDA during my Fall semester of school. I finally had to say goodbye at the close of that semester, a goodbye that occurred only because I was preparing for a semester in Europe!

My experience as an intern with Families for Depression Awareness was incredible. It was my first internship and my first work experience related to my career goals. I was welcomed graciously, treated well, trusted and encouraged. The staff went above and beyond to give me a great experience. I finished my internship with skills and knowledge that make me feel more prepared for my future. I am so grateful to the staff of Families for Depression Awareness for making my first internship a fantastic one.

We love working with students and young professionals! If you are interested in interning with Families for Depression Awareness, contact to learn more.