How Our Genes Can Help Determine Depression Treatment

Date Posted

January 22, 2021



From January 25-29, we are exploring how genes can help determine depression treatment with our Corporate Member, GeneSight.

The GeneSight test informs a doctor, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner about genes that may impact how a patient metabolizes or responds to certain medications used to treat depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions. It supplements other information considered by a clinician as part of a comprehensive medical assessment.

The insight a clinician gains from GeneSight test results may improve a patient’s chances of finally feeling like themselves again. In fact, more than one million patients have taken the GeneSight test.

The test can be taken in a clinician’s office or ordered by a clinician to be taken at home by painlessly swabbing the inside of the patient’s cheeks.

For more information about the GeneSight test, watch the video below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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