Shared Decision Making [Val, note this has links to CFYM if we are going to change CFYM at all]

Date Posted

April 8, 2020


Shared Decision Making

Decisions about treatment are often most effective when they are made collaboratively, with the provider offering information about treatment options (including potential benefits, risks, and side effects) and the person living with the mood disorder and their caregiver making an informed decision that accounts for the person’s treatment goals and preferences. These articles, first published on our advocacy website Care for Your Mind, help you understand what’s involved in shared decision making.

Why You Deserve Shared Decision Making by John W. Williams, Jr., M.D., Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Duke University

Decision Aids Can Be Developed to Successfully Support Shared Decision Making in Clinical Encounters by Juan P. Brito Campana, M.D., M.Sc. and Annie LeBlanc, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit

Using Decision Aids in Depression Treatment: An Update

Shared Decision Making – with Families – Yields Better Treatment Outcomes by Alison M. Heru, M.D., University of Colorado Denver

How Can Parents Help in Shared Decision Making?

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