GeneSight: Genetic Testing for Mental Health Treatment

Date Posted

January 22, 2021


A doctor and patient review a GeneSight test report.

When your loved one is battling anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions, they shouldn’t have to battle their medication, too.

It can be a horrible, helpless feeling when you see a family member or friend repeatedly struggle with trial and error, trying to find a medication that relieves their mental health symptoms without causing debilitating side effects.

That’s why we have been sharing information about the GeneSight test, which helps doctors, psychiatrists or nurse practitioners understand how your loved one’s unique DNA may affect their outcomes with the medications they take. This insight can be used to inform treatment and may improve their chances of finally feeling like themselves again.

The GeneSight test must be ordered by a clinician authorized to prescribe medications. The test is a simple, painless swab of the inside of your cheeks. The test can be taken in a clinician’s office or ordered by a clinician to be taken at home.

More than 1 million patients have taken the GeneSight test.

If you think genetic testing could be helpful for you or your loved one, talk to your healthcare provider about the GeneSight Psychotropic test. You can find a clinician who offers the GeneSight test near you by visiting

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