FAQs About Paying for Mental Health Care

Date Posted

March 24, 2023


FFDA Staff

A woman tries to organize paying for care

Getting mental health care can be complicated and expensive. If your loved one is already struggling to get better, figuring out how to pay for care could overwhelm them. We want to help! We developed a fact sheet covering your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about paying for mental health care.

What the “Paying for Mental Health Care: Your Questions Answered” Fact Sheet Covers

Our 6-page fact sheet covers:

  • Page 1 of the fact sheethow people usually pay for mental health care
  • how your loved one can get health insurance
  • how to work with providers who don’t take insurance
  • how to appeal insurance denials
  • what to do if your loved one can’t afford office visits or medication
  • how to talk about offering financial support.

Accessing the Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet for free today! After you read through it, you may want to access some of our other free resources on paying for depression or bipolar disorder treatment. We have an educational video series and family stories that offer real-life examples of how families have navigated this issue.