Families Stories of Going Through Depression Treatment

Date Posted

April 7, 2020



Depression Treatment Young Woman Watching Video On LaptopDepression treatment can be a difficult path for families to navigate. Our family stories about depression treatment are here to remind you that you are not alone in this experience.

There are many reasons why this is the case. For instance, the person who is struggling with depression may not feel ready to accept help. This can be due to various factors, such as a lack of information about available treatment options or difficulties with payment. Whatever the reason, finding the right provider and treatment can be a time-consuming and challenging process.

One way that families can help a person living with depression is by providing constructive support. This can be especially important for someone whose thinking may be affected by depression. By working together, the person living with depression, their caregiver, and their provider can share information and make informed treatment decisions. This collaborative approach considers the person’s treatment goals, preferences, and priorities.

Shared Decision-Making Informs Depression Treatment

It is widely acknowledged that shared decision-making is the most effective way to approach depression treatment. This means that the person living with depression, their caregiver, and their provider work together to make treatment decisions. Through informed discussion, the group can arrive at patient-centric decisions most likely to lead to positive outcomes. To learn more about shared decision-making, click here.

To help you better understand the challenges that families face in finding the right depression treatment, we have compiled a playlist of videos. These videos showcase different families and their unique experiences with depression treatment. You will learn how these families decided that professional care was necessary, how they found the right treatment, and how they overcame other challenges that arose during treatment. You can watch the playlist below or click through the videos at your convenience.

Watch These Family Stories of Depression Treatment

Norma’s Story

Josette and Linda

Perry and Harold

Fonda and Wes

Emily and Lisa

Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) developed these videos with support from the Takeda-Lundbeck Alliance. Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Lundbeck were not involved in content development. The content and opinions expressed in these videos are solely those of FFDA and the families involved.