Volunteers make a huge difference in our organization! We work with volunteers from around the country to help us in our mission of erasing the stigma of mood disorders in order to help families. Not sure how you can get involved? We have plenty of ways to include you!

1. Share your personal or family story

Sharing your story can help erase mental health stigma and support another family’s journey. Your story could appear on our Family Stories page. We can even help write it!

2. Become a teen speaker

Are you between the ages of 14 and 24 living with depression or bipolar disorder? Our Teen Speakers Program needs you! Your story could help other teens get the help they need.

3. Contribute to our Care for Your Mind advocacy blog

CFYM is an online community where we tackle issues with the mental health system to help build solutions that work. You can contribute by reading, writing or commenting on articles. Come join the conversation!

4. Join the volunteer content committee

This new committee is just getting off the ground. Join today to help FFDA create quality content for social media, webinars, and more.

5. Write an article or record a video for our FFDA Blog

We need your voice and your story. Have something you want to share on our blog? Write an article or record a 1-2 minute video (camera phone videos are welcome!).


Ready to get involved? Fill out our volunteer form and an FFDA staff member will contact you. We will schedule a time to learn more about your personal story and volunteer interests.