School bus leaving.

My Teen with Depression Won’t Go to School. What Do I Do?

Have you been dreading the return to school with your teen? We have some advice…

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Man comforting sad woman.

Overcoming Challenges of Bipolar Disorder: Resources

People living with bipolar disorder can experience mood swings, mania, depression, and impulsivity. Caregivers may…

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Black Teen with Locs and a Red Hat

3 Things You Should Know about Black Teen Mental Health

Sounding the Alarm We have good reason to be concerned about Black teen mental health….

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Using Technology in Treatment, June 6 - 10 2022.

Using Technology in Treatment

Thanks to recent advances, people living with mood or behavioral disorders have access to treatment…

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Two men and one has his hand resting on the other's shoulder.

Three Ways Men Can Decrease Stress and Promote Mental Health Through Self-Maintenance

The terms “self-maintenance” and “self-care” are tossed around a lot. Yet too often promotion of…

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Kristi Horner

Another Resource for Caregivers! An Interview with Kristi Horner, Founder of Courage to Caregivers

By Denise Brady Supporting someone with mental illness is a long, winding and challenging journey…

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Take the Depression and Bipolar Test

Families for Depression Awareness’ Depression and Bipolar Test may be the right tool for you….

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Caregiver Myths Debunked: Caregiving to Someone Living with Depression or Bipolar Disorder

Who is a “caregiver” and what does the role really entail? We’re debunking three common…

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Love and Support from the Drive-Thru: How Fast Food Helped My Family Connect Through My Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

By Brad Brennan, FFDA Volunteer I have a heavily-guarded secret that I only reveal to…

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What If I Say the Wrong Thing? Caregiver Tips for Supporting a Loved one with Depression

Communicating is hard, depression makes it harder. During our “What If I Say the Wrong…

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Breaking Through Depression: 4 Tips for Strengthening Communication with Your Teen

Adolescence is often a confusing time for both our young people and their caregivers. It…

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Teen Girl with Curly Hair and Colorful Shirt.

Is it Time to Find a New Therapist for Your Teenager? Five Questions to Answer

Mental health counseling is a crucial part of treating mood disorders, so a therapist-client relationship…

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