Mommy Brain Dr Jodi Pawluski 0628

Mommy Brain: The Neuroscience of Postpartum Depression and Ways Caregivers Can Help

Jodi Pawluski, PhD, HDR, is a neuroscientist, therapist, and author. I learned about Dr. Pawluski’s…

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When Loving Someone Hurts Woman Looking Down Man With Head In Hands

When Loving Someone Hurts: Navigating Emotional Pain in Relationships

Love is a profound and meaningful emotion that binds us to one another. However, sometimes,…

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Tips Depressed Teen Mom and Daughter Talking Outside

Six Tips for Communicating With a Depressed Teen

Parenting is difficult at any stage, but the teen years offer unique challenges. When depression…

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Kerrie and Brooke sitting together and smiling, resilience story feature photograph

Legacy of Resilience: A Family’s Experience with Mental Health

This emotional story explores the complex interplay between family history and mental health. Through the…

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Kaely and Maggie Feature Image Family Bond

A Family Bond Strengthened by a Psychiatric Advance Directive

In the realm of mental health care, an individual’s treatment preferences can sometimes get lost…

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Does Bipolar Disorder Have a Cure Feature Image

Does Bipolar Disorder Have a Cure?

If you or your loved one have been diagnosed with bipolar I, bipolar II, or…

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Manage Manic Episodes Feature Image

6 Ways Caregivers Can Help Manage Manic Episodes

As a caregiver, you may be the first person to recognize that your loved one…

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Psychiatric Advance Directive Feature Image

What Is a Psychiatric Advance Directive?

One of the most complicated situations that caregivers face is trying to get their loved…

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Dating Someone With Depression Couple Talking

Tips for Dating Someone with Depression: Supporting Your Partner

Dating someone with depression can be a challenging experience, but with understanding and support, you…

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College Student With Depression Students Sitting On Quad

Setting Your Young Adult Up for Success: Advice for Caregivers of a College Student with Depression

Ah, college! The excitement of new friends and experiences, a nip in the air, a…

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College Application Stress Mom and Daugther Brainstorming

How to Help Teens Cope with College Application Stress

The summer and fall of a teen’s senior year of high school can be an…

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Bipolar Depression Woman in Two Mood States

Bipolar Depression: Understanding Your Loved One’s Experience

In recent years, commercials for prescription medications for “bipolar depression” have run all day and…

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