What We Offer

  • This educational website, www.familyaware.org
  • Family and Expert Stories
  • Trainings for families. Learn about our workshops and upcoming free webinars.
  • Advocacy to support families with depression. Visit our Care For Your Mind online community
  • Brochures such as Helping Someone Who Is Depressed. Visit our online store.
  • Depression Wellness Guides for adults, teens, and for parents of teens and children with depression. Visit our online store.
  • Outreach education to associations, schools, police stations, health facilities, religious organizations, employers, and nursing homes
  • Depression and Bipolar Test, an online screening tool
  • Mental Health Family Tree tool to help uncover family behaviors that may be associated with bipolar disorder, which often runs in families and can take years to diagnose

What Makes Us Unique

  • We focus on family members and friends of those who are depressed, and caregivers that usually operate with little or no guidance or support.
  • We concentrate on depression and bipolar disorder, the most prevalent mental illnesses, and leading causes of suicide.
  • We promote depression awareness through organized communications programs, run by experienced marketing, business, and medical experts who have been touched by depression in their family or profession.