15 Fun and Playful Ways to Practice Self-Care

Date Posted

April 5, 2021


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Caring for a loved one living with a mental health condition is no easy task. From managing appointments to participating in counseling sessions, the physical and emotional investment required from you adds up.  Sometimes, it can negatively impact your personal well-being and lead to intense fatigue or caregiver burnout. 

That’s why regularly practicing self-care is important for your own health and ability to care for your loved one in the long term. You might think of self-care activities as meditating under a tree or writing affirmations in a journal. But having some fun is also self-care. We could all use a boost to our spirits!

Why Are Fun or Playful Self-Care Activities Important?

Activities that put a smile on your face or make you feel amused, reminding us that there are parts of life that are light-hearted, are good for your overall wellness.  These activities also may open up creative parts of your mind to see your situation from a different perspective.

Here are some fun, exciting, and playful activities to try for your well-being. Let us know which ones brightened your day the most!

15 Fun Self-Care Activities to Brighten Your Day

1. Get creative

Getting those creative juices flowing can help to work the part of our brain that often gets neglected as we grow older. Working our creative muscles can help with future problem-solving and adapting to situations! Here are some ideas –  get creative and think of more!

  • Draw or sketch without judgment about what you create
  • Write a poem or a story
  • Play an instrument or sing your favorite song
  • Color in a coloring book (try using crayons to bring out your inner child)
  • Create a Pinterest board full of creative inspirations
  • Shape something out of clay or dough

2. Be entertained and laugh it out

Ever had a bad day suddenly turn around after a good laugh? Here are some ideas to induce a good chuckle:

  • Put on your favorite music and have a dance party in your kitchen
  • Watch one of the millions of funny videos online
  • Re-watch a comedy movie you loved as a kid
  • Talk to a friend about something funny that happened recently
  • Fake laugh and see how long it takes to turn into genuine laughter

3. Learn something new

Trying out new hobbies or activities is a great way to feel more accomplished and keep your mind active. Not only that but, you can amuse yourself and have a good laugh as you progress through the beginner to expert stages! Here are some new things to try:

  • Take on a new recipe
  • Join a free online educational class
  • Watch a do-it-yourself or home hacks video and try it out
  • Tap into a new hobby of your choice and create space to work on it

It’s Okay to Find Time for Fun

Caregivers are often dealing with heavy life situations, but we all need to laugh and play (even as adults!) as part of maintaining our well-being. Start exploring what brings you joy or makes you smile and dedicate some time to it today! 

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