Depression in the Workplace

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Your Company Challengesworkplace

In response to the financial crisis and the economic downturn, we have created a workplace program to help employers lower costs (disability leave, sick days, health care) and increase productivity.

Untreated depression is common (10% of people) and leads to increased absenteeism, disability, and medical costs. In addition, depression is highly related to alcohol and drug abuse, among other problems.

The Solution

Many companies are downsizing and facing layoffs, so they need to decrease costs, which can be achieved by helping employees recognize and get treated for depression. Although many companies have employee assistance programs (EAP) to help employees with depression, these types of programs typically only have a 5% utilization rate. Our program helps increase employees' usage of their EAP.

Our Program

We help businesses educate their employees about depression and motivate them to get help.

What people are saying about the program:

"We need to have seminars like this at least on a quarterly basis."

"I learned how to cope with stress in ways I hadn't tried before. It was a good class."

"It was valuable to learn the difference between stress and more serious problems."

Learn More

For Massachusetts employers: We are working in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Screening for Mental Health, and CMG as the Workplace Mental Health Initiative.

To figure out your company's cost, go to, a free online tool provided by the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health.

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