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Depression Wellness Analyzer


The Depression Wellness Analyzer helps people with depression and their families actively monitor the person's depression treatment to get well faster. It is an anonymous confidential computer-based tool that you download to your own computer.

Click here to download the Depression Wellness Analyzer 

Click here to download the Depression Wellness Analyzer white paper (193 KB)

Please help us improve the tool by taking the post survey after using it for a couple of weeks!

What people are saying:

"The best thing is the graph that shows patterns in my mood." - Lori, MA

"It got me to really stop and think about what is going on when I am and am not well, and how to tell when things start going wrong, and to talk to my family about that, so that I can ask for help before things get bad." - Cynthia, GA

"It forces you to examine in depth how you are feeling & behaving so that you can see the connection or disparity between the two. It enables you to examine whether you're in a depressive episode or had a bad day (situational)." - Adrienne, MA


Family Stories

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 800-273-TALK or 911 immediately.