Caregiver Myths Debunked: Caregiving to Someone Living with Depression or Bipolar Disorder

Who is a “caregiver” and what does the role really entail? We’re debunking three common…

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What If I Say the Wrong Thing? Caregiver Tips for Supporting a Loved one with Depression

Communicating is hard, depression makes it harder. During our “What If I Say the Wrong…

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Breaking Through Depression: 4 Tips for Strengthening Communication with Your Teen

Khristine Heflin, LCSW-C Adolescence is often a confusing time for both our young people and…

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tennis court

Yes, High Achievers Can Have Depression and Anxiety, Too

On Monday, May 31, 2021, top-ranked tennis pro Naomi Osaka took to Twitter to announce…

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two people arguing

Nationwide Poll Shows Most People with Depression Feel Misunderstood

More than 80% of people living with depression say life would be easier if others…

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Art and Leslie

“The Person He Always Wanted to Be”: Leslie’s Caregiver Story

Families for Depression Awareness has partnered with Corporate Member, GeneSight, to provide educational information about…

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Families Stories of Living with Depression

It’s often a challenge to find a way forward with depression treatment. Whether it’s because…

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Jessie and Steve—Healing as a Family from Pain and Teen Self-Injury

Jessie, 18, has big goals. She’s spending her time working at a local gym, volunteering…

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Allyssa and Keith: Hope and Spiritual Care for Depression

By Dawna Roberts Depression is often extremely debilitating and can turn your life inside out….

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Steve’s Story: Breaking the Family Legacy of Untreated Depression

By Dawna Roberts Steve is the youngest of six kids. The entire family experienced abuse…

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picture of chair and radio

NPR (National Public Radio) Piece on Anger and Depression Features Families for Depression Awareness

People living with depression and their family members know that anger and irritability are symptoms…

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Depression can affect more than just your mood

Monica and her mother have always been close, though they butted heads during Monica’s formative…

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