Stages of Change

Date Posted

July 31, 2020


The Stages of Change

Are you concerned about your loved one’s mental health, but they don’t see a problem?

Is your family member avoiding your efforts to communicate with them?

Has your loved one made positive steps towards addressing their depression but now are having trouble maintaining their progress?

As humans, making a change doesn’t happen all at once. We all move through several stages in the process of change — and we don’t always move steadily forward.

If your child or family member is experiencing depression, your instincts may tell you to jump in and help them. But if you are not in sync with where they are in the journey, your actions can strain the relationship.

Family members are often in the best position to notice signs of a mood disorder.  Having realistic expectations and a deeper understanding of the process change can help you help them.

Watch our Stages of Change videos to learn some tips on how to better support your loved one at each stage.

Stages of Change Overview