Is Someone You Love Struggling With Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

Care Consultations May Be The Answer.

Massachusetts residents only at this time.

What is a Care Consultation?

During a Mental Health Care Consultation, a skilled counselor will guide your family through these steps to receive effective care:

  • Screening: Depression and Bipolar Disorder Screening, Family History Screening
  • Meetings: Two meetings to discuss your clinical and family needs
  • Action Plan: Prioritized action plan and information you need to access services and programs
  • Referrals: A list of clinics and programs that best fit your needs

Care Consultations are available to Massachusetts families with adults or teens that may have clinical depression or bipolar disorder. Meetings take place at our Waltham office; for those unable to travel to our location, we offer Care Consultations by phone or videoconference.

“It provided an outside perspective and allowed us to reframe our situation. The consultation also stopped our family cycle of going around and around issues but never dealing with them.”

Hillary K.

“Our consultation was very thorough and thoughtful.”

Tim H.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who provides Care Consultations?

A team consisting of a care consultant, a referral specialist, and staff coordinators provide the Care Consultation service. Care consultants are therapists by training (with a masters degree in counseling) and have professional experience working with families and youth. Referral specialists are knowledgeable about the various types of services and programs available to families to meet their mental health needs. They draw on our database of hundreds of clinics and programs in Massachusetts to match you with available services.

Are Care Consultations a clinical service?

Care Consultations are designed to help you and your family discuss options and find appropriate clinical services. We do not provide clinical services (therapy, medication advice) or legal advice. In other areas of healthcare, a service like this is called Care Coaching or Coordination, an Assessment and Referral Service, or Health Advocacy. Similar to a Health Advocate or a Care Manager, our Care Consultation service guides you and your family to get help for a depressed family member and find mental health services. We refer you to mental health clinics and programs and help you understand how to find specific mental health clinicians.

How do I know that a Care Consultation will fit the needs of my family?

Mental Health Care Consultations are tailored to address your concerns. For example,

  • Your teenage son is very angry, has lost interest in most activities, and is getting bad grades at school. You’re not sure what the problem is.
  • Your depressed spouse refuses to get help or treatment. You are overwhelmed with caring for your family and don’t know what to do.
  • Your daughter has been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder, but still isn’t well and you are really worried about her.
  • Your brother is in trouble but your family doesn’t agree on how to help him. You need help discussing the situation together and determining what to do.

Are Care Consultations appropriate for crisis situations?

No. If you or someone you know are suicidal, call 800-273-TALK or 9-1-1 immediately, or go to your local hospital emergency room.

I am unable to pay for the service. Are there any other options for me?

Yes. You may qualify for reduced, slide scale, or free Care Consultations depending on your household size and income.

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