Why Mom and Dad Don’t Know

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Although her symptoms began at age eight, Morgan wasn't diagnosed with depression until the age of 18.

Why didn't Morgan’s parents know she was depressed? Because Morgan didn’t talk to her parents about her feelings. Because Morgan's depression felt normal to her. Not talking became her usual behavior.

Now, as a 29 year old social worker, she felt she owed her parents an explanation.

So, Morgan went through the Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) Depression and Bipolar Wellness Guide for Parents and Teens.

She read through the depression symptom checklist and reviewed the parent's portion of the guide.

Then Morgan shared the guide with her mom and dad. The guide explained depression behaviors Morgan exhibited as a teen that neither she nor her parents understood at the time.

"I used the guide as a way to show my parents there was a problem but none of us knew what it was," said Morgan.

After Morgan taught her parents about depression, she discovered her mother and father started helping other parents who were going through the same thing.

"The guide is good because there's a fine line between normal teenage behaviors and teenage depression symptoms, the guide shows what that is. Plus, it's perfect for someone with no medical background," says Morgan.

"I've recommended it to coworkers who deal with teenage depression. It’s the real deal."

Congratulations to Morgan for completing an online survey at the Families for Depression Awareness website about her use of the guide. She won the contest for a free iPod!

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