A Response to "Just Plane Crazy"

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nickandmaryreisRecently I was very upset about a show that was aired on ABC 20/20 “Just Plane Crazy.” They were calling people that were clearly having some sort of mental breakdown “crazy.”  I felt passionately that it was wrong. I could relate to one of the people they were making fun of because it was so similar to what happened to me when I was experiencing a manic episode.

I felt I had to share my opinion with my family and friends.  Maybe it would help them understand how I feel, having bipolar disorder, and that I am not the only one in the world that had something like this happen to her.

As usual with my family, I was told to let it go, forget about it and that I was getting myself worked up about something I could do nothing about. It hurt, it really hurt… I also thought about how I felt watching that show and how many others that had to be hurt by it. Maybe people that didn’t know better. Maybe people would think that the media was probably right about “crazy” people, leaving them feeling even more in despair. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

I decided I would write a small paragraph about the ABC 20/20 episode and send it to every mental health organization, TV station, and news anchor I could think of. I even sent it to celebrities I knew who had spoke out about mental illness.

After a couple days, my husband visited the ABC 20/20 Facebook page and wrote a long, heartfelt comment about the show. I broke down in tears; it meant the world to me.

Since being diagnosed in September, I have become more aware of stories, positive and negative, about people who have or are affected by mental illness. It is comforting to know that I am not completely alone.

--Mary (pictured above with husband Nick),  Families for Depression Awareness guest blogger

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