A Reporter's Defense of Dads and Postnatal Depression

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A reporter from The Guardian, a UK-based news outlet, recently participated in the debate over male postnatal depression (PND) diagnoses.  The reporter, Ally Fogg, was responding to two recent articles--first,  Robert Lefever’s report in The Daily Mail, and second a piece by Barbara Ellen of The Observer in which Ellen calls the dads who claim to have postnatal depression “exhausting narcissists.”

Fogg rejects Lefever and Ellen’s claims stating: “The assertion that these men are suffering from PND, directly equivalent to maternal PND, seems to be the invention of journalists, not scientists, and certainly not the men themselves.” Fogg clarifies that, from the perspective of doctors and scientists, male postnatal depression scientists is similar but not equivalent to the PND from which women suffer.

Fogg is especially appalled by the fact that, “Both Lefever and Ellen strongly imply that paternal depression is little more than whiny men wishing to jump aboard the PND bandwagon. Their prescription would appear to be: man up and suck it up.” Men, just like women, can experience depression after the birth of a child. 

Depression is a serious medical condition that requires treatment regardless of the social stigma that may be associated with seeking help.

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