Clinical Psychology Ranked the Worst College Major for Employment: A Student's Reaction

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students_at_computerA few months ago, MarketWatch published an article entitled “10 worst college majors for employment.” At the top of the list: clinical psychology. This caught my attention because, as a college senior studying psychology, I am starting to consider my employment options for the future.

According to 2010 census data, college graduates with a degree in clinical psychology reportedly suffered the highest unemployment rate at 19.5%.  FFDA Advisory Board member and clinical psychologist, Laura Epstein Rosen, Ph.D., was not surprised by the results. “If you have a BA in Psychology, it really doesn’t make you qualified to get a job in the field,” Dr. Rosen said, adding that aspiring clinical psychologists need approximately 6-8 more years of school in order to become eligible to work in the field. Even psychologists with advanced degrees encounter barriers in finding employment.

Though this information is disheartening, it will not deter me from pursuing my career goals. Providing quality psychological counseling requires training and experience—as well it should. My major is preparing me to pursue something about which I am passionate, and that makes the struggle worthwhile.

--Hillary Gimpel, Families for Depression Awareness intern






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