Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bipolar Disorder Type II

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czj-bpiiActress Catherine Zeta-Jones announced back in April that she just received treatment for bipolar disorder type II. Thank you Catherine for raising awareness of this disorder by telling and public and giving all of us an opportunity to educate people!

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder where people have increased energy (happy or angry) alternating with periods of depression. Often people with bipolar disorder type II are misdiagnosed with major depression because they are depressed most of the time and the increased energy is not too noticeable. In many of the cases when medication is needed, the problem is they need mood stabilizers instead of antidepressants to get well.

If you suspect someone you know has bipolar disorder, it is a good idea to help them understand the possibility and go with them to their clinician's appointment to discuss the issue.

--Julie Totten, President and Founder of Families for Depression Awareness

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