How We Honored A Loved One By Raising Money and Educating Others About Suicide

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The following excerpts are from a letter sent to us in March 2013.

On December 22, 2012, my boyfriend, John, and I were sitting in the living room enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon when we got the phone call that informed us that his mother had taken her own life.

The following days were absolutely insufferable; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Luckily, a friend told me about your organization.While looking through the volunteer section of your website, I found information about Sweeet! Baking for Healthy Minds.

As vice president of the Florida State University Chapter of the Student Association of School Psychology, I saw this as a great opportunity to raise money for your organization, disseminate information about suicide, and get our student organization involved in taking a proactive stance on depression. We proudly raised $300. While working on this fundraiser, a few of my friends confided in John and me that they have also lost loved ones to suicide. I realized that by simply working on this project together, some of us got closer and created our own support system on the basis of our shared experience.

We ask that this donation be made in memory of Nancy "Joy" Parker, my boyfriend's mother. Joy was an amazing woman who was a devoted and inspiring kindergarten teacher, a loving wife, and a remarkable mother of two wonderful sons. The world will not be the same without Joy in it, and we truly hope no other families have to experience a loss as great as ours.



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