Carol's Story: A Caregiver's Perspective

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CarolTwenty-one years ago, my family lost my brother in a tragic car accident. The loss caused all of us incredible grief and sadness, and each of us coped in our own way. We soon saw that the grief my sister was experiencing was different. Her depression deepened and the loss became too much for her to bear, leading to her hospitalization.
Over the next decade, my sister continually struggled with her emotions and behaviors. Our family was committed to supporting her, but we became increasingly concerned by the fact she was not getting better. We struggled to find ways to help. Looking back, I wish we had been aware of the free education and resources provided by Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA). This would have enabled us to better understand my sister's situation, as well as helped us identify ways in which we could have helped her and supported each other.

FFDA helps families by providing free education and guidance to caregivers so that they, in turn, can help their loved ones. As a Board member and caregiver, I am proud to support the work of FFDA by making an annual donation. I encourage you to join me in making a gift to sustain this important work.

Eleven years after the death of my brother, my sister lost her mother (my stepmother) to cancer. The heartache of losing her mother compounded her depression.  Shortly afterwards she was correctly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and started on her path towards wellness.

As I have learned from my sister, those who are living with bipolar disorder face a life-long journey to manage their illness. It is incredibly important for their families and caregiver to receive ongoing education. This is why I support Families for Depression Awareness. I hope you will make a donation to help educate families dealing with depression like mine.

Carol Thomas, Board Member, Families for Depression Awareness

P.S. Every $5 you give helps FFDA educate one more family. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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