IMG_8613-1Greetings, FFDA Supporters! I’m Kendra Taylor. As the new Teen Depression Program Coordinator, I’m working to expand the size and scope of the Teen Depression Program, especially the Teen Speakers Program. My first month at FFDA has been both busy and rewarding. I could never have imagined working with such a strong and supportive team of staff and volunteers—people who can relate to my own personal experiences with a mood disorder—but here I am!

One of my first goals here was to get to know the vibrant volunteers who make up our Teen Speakers Program. When we met up a couple of weeks ago at our Waltham office, I was able to hear their personal stories and what involvement in our program has meant to them. I was impressed by not only their stories and their presence but how much they have been able to accomplish in their lives even while dealing and coping with their mood disorders. We reviewed feedback from past events and brainstormed ways to continue to strengthen this program moving forward.

Besides getting to know our volunteer speakers, I’ve been becoming familiar with communities and contacts across Massachusetts. I’ve been reaching out to guidance counselors and school officials in the state to share about our Teen Depression program offerings. I’m pleased with the positive feedback and interest in bringing our workshop and speakers to schools and other organizations.

I am so excited about the future of the Teen Depression Program. At my first Teen Speakers event this month, I was able to see first-hand the great effect that the program has on its attendees.

This year, our program is available in more Massachusetts communities than ever before and we are actively recruiting several new teen speakers in the next few months. I am eager to see the response to our recruitment efforts.

If you know a teen or young adult who wants to learn about helping others through sharing their story of living with a mood disorder, have them contact me at or 781-890-0220.

P.S. If you’re interested in teen depression but not in Massachusetts, I hope you’ll join Dr. Satira Streeter, along with a teen and her mom sharing their lived experience, for our Teen Depression Webinar on Thursday, September 29, at 7:00pm ET.  Learn more and register today!